Jonas Reingold: Fretless bass
Roine Stolt: Guitar, keyboards
Dave Weckl: Drums
Zoltan Csörsz: Drums
Lalle Larsson: Keyboards
Karl-Martin Almqvist: Saxophones
Aiy Salomon: Assorted percussion

The idea started in the summer of 2008 when TFK bassist Jonas Reingold and guitarist Roine Stolt got together to develop some ideas that were under the unfashionable label of "fusion".
For those of you who are not familiar with the phrase or are too young to remember the wild & vivid 70's of bellbottom denims, shure SM 58 haircuts, Rhodespianos with fuzz wha & ringmodulator and drumkits bigger than a schoolbus, it's a music form that fuses jazz, rock, african, electronics, folk or any other music form known to man or animal.
The bands that were at the forefront some 30 years ago were masters Weather Report, Return To Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Herbie Hancocks Headhunters, Billy Cobham & George Duke Band etc.
They were known to play faster than the NASDAQ drops and were all fearsome gunslingers, but by late 70's a lethal cocktail of record company greed, Kenny G wannabe's, synth pop with big boobs and the deadly Linn drum made them all less popular, or in some cases obsolete.

Anyway to carry on... when our 2 heroes Reingold & Stolt, of a considerable later vintage, decided to break some new ground it started with Stolt playing a few tunes he considered to be his tribute to the late great Joe Zawinul to Mr Reingold and within hours the duo had jumpstarted to arrange these and some of Jonas material.
Hey! this sounded fresh and up to date, fusion wasn't dead, what a relief. When we talk fusion in the case of this new combo it is a more rootsy and "with a bit of grit" fusion and far from the jazzy easy listening or smooth jazz of later years, here we talk a funkier and less glossy and more of a bastard son of Band Of Gypsies and early Weather Report or Headhunters fusion.

The project continued slowly while the gentlemen fulfilled touring obligations with FlowerKings and family life.

In the beginning of 2009 it felt like an album was bound to materialize and american top drummer Dave Weckl (Chick Corea electric Band) was recruited to play on a few tunes, likewise tenorsax player Karl-Martin Almqvist (Nils Landgren funk unit, Peter Erskine, Pat Metheny) and Zoltan Csörsz (Jan Lundgren trio, Jonas Hellborg) and Ayi Solomon (Randy Brecker, Miles Davis), Lalle Larsson (Marco Minneman) Of course bassist Jonas Reingold add the spice of fretless bass and Roine Stolt play some sort of a bastard guitar and minimoog.

Done with the namedropping ? - I guess - but I'm sure there is more. .

To cut it short these gentlemen have a CV that match the undisputed excellence of their playing and improvising and they would leave you nothing but top notch world class fusion, up with the best .

First edition is a LTD digipac with a 55 minutes of music and a 16 pages beautiful book.

A record shop owner in Buenos Aires, Argentina Andres Pablo Valle who is a friend of the TFK duo did the artwork and the album is mixed and mastered by Roine Stolt at Cosmic Lodge.